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VEST Talks: The Power of Women in Sports

A podcast episode for women about women in sports
VEST Her Podcast: VEST Talks about the power of women in sports

Last week we were joined by the wonderful, Danette Leighton, CEO of Women’s Sports Foundation, and we discussed everything from the gender pay gap and representation in sports, to the political discourse surrounding Women athletes. For this session, lets dive deeper into the world of sports and the real time obstacles hindering female athletes as VEST Talks about the power of Women in Sports.

From record-breaking viewership at the US Open to the historic FIFA Women's World Cup, there was a lot to celebrate this year. Coco Gauff, the youngest American to win the US Open Championship since Serena Williams in 1999, not only secured victory but also brought record-breaking viewership. The women's final attracted 3.4 million viewers, a million more than the men's final. This success is a testament to the talent and star power of women athletes.

The 2023 US Open marked 50 years since it awarded equal prize money to men and women, a milestone made possible by Billie Jean King. She founded the Women's Tennis Association and secured equal funding for the US Open's prizes. Although progress has been made, gender pay disparities still exist in tennis, as other Opens are yet to bridge the gap.

This summer, the 9th Edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand surpassed all expectations. Nearly 2 million fans attended the event, surpassing the 2019 World Cup audience. The final match between Spain and England played to a sold-out crowd, with Spain claiming victory for the first time. Despite these incredible achievements and growing viewership, it's crucial to remember the work that still lies ahead. Organizations, sponsors, and broadcasters often point to low turnout and performance as reasons for the gender pay gap. While this issue deserves hours of discussion on its own, join us as we confront the ongoing challenges and ways we can each continue to push for change.

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Show Notes:

You can read more about Coco's incredible achievement here.

Learn more about Billie Jean King's historic achievement here.

Read more about the historic World Cup here.

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