Connecting women across industries, regions and career levels to expedite the pipeline of women in positions of power and influence. 

We provide coaching and a platform for women to learn with, and from each other with exclusive events and speakers.

Think about all the progress we've made, it started with community.

It was done by a group of individuals coming together with an idea of

how to improve, challenge and create more opportunities for others.

Claudia San Pedro, President of Sonic and VEST Founding Member

Women need to be part of cultivating the next generation of leaders.

VEST will connect, develop and elevate women. I'm proud to be part of it.

Marie Rocha, Managing Director Realist Ventures and VEST Founding Member

The best inVESTment you can make 
is in yourself

Gain access to collective coaching, an incredible network of women across industries, and a curated community of partners vested in advancing women.

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Harnessing female promise, potential and power require prioritizing women voices, victories and investments. 

Elizabeth Frame Elison, CEO LTFF and VEST Founding Member

I am fully aware of the great privilege I have. The privilege to focus on

helping others, rather than having to worry about my own survival, as

millions of women throughout our world must do each day.

Sue Ann Arnall, Founder Arnall Family Foundation and VEST Founding Member

Let's work together to advance women in the workplace.
If you know a woman that is setting the world on fire, nominate her. 

We must work together to steady the ladder stabilizing women's ascent and to repair the broken rungs on the ladder complicating the climb to executive positions.

Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa and VEST Founding Member

Women are a productivity and profitability hack, not a charity. Advancing

them in the workplace is in everyone's best interest

Erika Lucas, Co-Founder of StitchCrew and VEST Founding Member

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A curated network of women working together to expedite the pipeline of women in positions of power.

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