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Connecting women across industries, regions and career levels to expedite the pipeline of women in positions of power and influence. 


Women continue to suffer the repercussions of a system that still treats women unequally.


Women represent half of the U.S. population, labor force, and businesses. 


Less than


are CEOs at S&P 500 companies


receive venture capital


hold an elected office

More women in positions of power and influence across industries and sectors will translate in more influence over markets, equitable policies, and flow of capital.


VEST provides coaching focused on removing the barriers precluding women from reaching positions of power and influence.

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VEST network includes women across industries, regions and career levels supporting each other and working together to expedite the pipeline of women in positions of power.

C-Suite | VP | Emerging Leader

Think about all the progress we've made, it started with community. It was done by a group of individuals coming together with an idea of

how to improve, challenge and create more opportunities for others.

Claudia San Pedro, President of Sonic

and VEST Founding Member

Women need to be part of cultivating the next generation of leaders. VEST will connect, develop and elevate women. I'm proud to be part of it.

Marie Rocha, Managing Director Realist Ventures and

VEST Founding Member


VEST network also includes partner organizations working to expedite the number of women in leadership. Unapologetically.

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why now?

The disproportionate effects of the pandemic will result in women losing decade’s worth of economic advancement if we don't intervene.

We must work together to steady the ladder stabilizing women's ascent and to repair the broken rungs on the ladder complicating the climb to executive positions.

Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa and VEST Founding Member

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Grow our collective power, nominate a deserving woman.

Harnessing female promise, potential and power

require prioritizing women voices, victories and investments. 

Elizabeth Frame Ellison, CEO LTFF and VEST Founding Member

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