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Building power

Workplaces were never designed with women in mind, that's why we are investing in women-led companies redefining how we work and integrate life, now and in the future.

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We invest in

Early stage women-led companies developing solutions in the Care Economy and Future of Work.  


  • Flexible Work Tools

  • People Centered Solutions

  • Skill Training Tools

  • Collaboration Tools


  • Infant, child and adult care

  • Long-term | Home-based care

  • Household management

  • Workplace benefits

adjacent MARKETS

  • Digital Health

  • New Parent Tech 

  • Caregiver Support

  • Family Planning

If you are working on a solution enabling economic mobility and opportunity for women, but don't see your startup reflected in these categories, we'd love to hear from you!


More than a check

We've been there! We are experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and caregivers with a vast network of women operators across industries, regions and career levels. Put us to work!

Erika Lucas, Managing Partner

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Gaby Eichenlaub, Principal

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Sarah Soetarjo, Community 

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Chris Lucas, Partner

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Women must be at the forefront of reinventing systems that have kept women from achieving economic mobility, so that decisions are no longer made for us, but by us. 

Erika Lucas, Managing Partner VEST Her Ventures 

and VEST Founding Member

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