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The broken rung remains the biggest barrier women face at work.

VEST women in your organization so they can gain proximity to high-achieving peers, grow their network, and learn from the expertise of top leaders and the experience of other women.

VESTING women is one of the most profitable things we can do.


More than 97% of women view their career as important, and 83% want a promotion. Yet most report lacking the network, resources and time, to invest in their professional development.  

This is unfortunate given that companies with women in the c-suite consistently outperform companies without representation by as much as 60% more in revenue than competitors. Companies with women in leadership also report better numbers when it comes to talent recruitment, and retention.  

keep top talent

49% of women in leadership positions report being burned out, this can lead to unnecessary exits and drop in performance.


It's lonely at the top. VEST women leaders in your organization so they build a support network and gain perspective from fellow peers.

succession planning

Companies are increasing women’s representation at the top, but doing so without addressing the broken rung makes it a temporary stopgap. 

VEST emerging leaders in your organization so they can learn from the expertise of leaders and experience of other women

Network Effect

Extended networks guarantees a trusted pipeline of sales and talent leads, fundraising, and overall business opportunities. 

VEST women in your organization so they can grow their network with other high-achieving peers across industries and regions.

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We must work together to steady the ladder stabilizing women's ascent and to repair the broken rungs on the ladder complicating the climb to executive positions.

Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa

and VEST Founding Member

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