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As proven by the Covid-19 pandemic, our economy relies on a broken care system and unpaid caregiving, which have played a major role in the pay and wealth gap for women, keeping women from fully participating in the labor force, and minimizing our economy's potential. So, why haven't we've done anything about it? Join us as we talk to Yi-Hsian Godfrey, CEO & co-founder of Apiari, a company building the future of work for providers in the $648B care industry. For our guest's full bio and show notes, click here.


In this episode our Chief Operating Officer, Gaby Eichenlaub talks to VEST Members about their leap into entrepreneurship. Listen as Noelle Acosta, Co-Founder and CEO of Noula, a digital health company in the reproductive care space, Arielle Brown, Founder of Bea’s Bayo Skincare, a herbal and probiotic personal care brand for eczema-prone scalp and skin, and Dr. Tabatha Carr, Founder of GoodGirl Chocolate a plant based Chocolate that supports all lifestyles share their journey into entrepreneurship.. For our guest's full bio and show notes, click here.

In this episode we talk to Ruchika Tulshyan, Author of Inclusion on Purpose: An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work (MIT Press). Ruchika is also the founder of Candour, an inclusion strategy practice. For Ruchika's full bio and show notes, click here.

In this session we talk to Jill Quintana Hughes, Assistant Vice President of Advancement at the University of Oklahoma and former Disney Executive about how we can be intentional in developing our personal brand and the challenges we might experience along the way. For Jill's full bio and show notes, click here.

To help us understand why delegating is so hard, we invited Valerie Riley, CEO of LifeSquire, an assistant resource company, offering job placements, outsourced personal & virtual assistants as well as assistant training. Join us as we talk to Valerie about how we can get better at trusting others and ourselves as we grow our companies and learn to let go of control. Special thanks to VEST Member Jennifer Loren, Executive Director of the Cherokee Film Office for moderating this session. For Valerie and Jennifer's full bio and show notes, click here.

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Join us as we talk to Christina Cassotis, CEO of the Pittsburgh International Airport about how organizations can remain competitive by creating a culture based on shared-responsibility where everyone in the organization has a clear, consistent, common understanding of it — and everyone works together in a deliberate and coordinated effort to cultivate it. For Christina's full bio and show notes, click here.

More than 50 million people now consider themselves creators, fostering a “creator economy” which is now valued at more than $100 billion. — The surge has been especially pronounced over the last year, with a growing cohort of women pursuing opportunities in the creator economy. But What are the opportunities for women? What are the challenges? Particularly as it relates to mental health. Join us as we talk to Suany Garcia, author of "The New Latina: 100 Millennials Shaping Our World.” and editor in chief at mitú. For Suanny’s full bio and show notes, click here.

In this episode we talk to Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey, Global Head of Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google about different ways we can support, promote, and invest in women of color not just in the workplace but at home and in our communities. Special thanks to VEST Member Dr. Mautra Jones, President of Oklahoma City Community College for moderating this session. Read more about this episode here.

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