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VEST Her Podcast: Amplifying Women's Voices in Policy and Politics

In this episode we talk to Oklahoma State Senator Julia Kirt and Oklahoma State Representative Melissa Provenzano about why it is becoming harder and harder for people to engage in politics.

Join us as we talk about why people are feeling disenfranchised. How can we better navigate the process, skip the noise, and be more effective in our advocacy efforts? 

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During the conversation, we covered:

0:03 Empowering Women in Politics

10:34 Policy Work in Mental Health and Housing

15:49 Overcoming Apathy and Engaging in Politics

23:47 Engaging for Change and Visibility

32:50 Navigating Patriarchy in the Workplace

43:30 Engaging With Legislators for Change

51:20 Impactful Political Campaign Involvement

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This episode is brought to you by VEST Her Ventures, our Venture Capital Arm investing in women-led companies building solutions for the intersection of the Care Economy and Future of work. Also by VEST Peer Group, a network of women professionals across industries, regions and career levels, helping each other navigate careers and working together to build the future of more inclusive workspaces.

If you enjoy this episode, share it with a friend and don't forget to leave us a review. 

About Guest Speakers

Senator Julia Kirt was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 2018 representing District 30 in northwest Oklahoma City. She is an experienced community leader who has led statewide arts and culture nonprofit organizations for 20 years. As a mom of two, Senator Kirt knows first-hand the value of the investments we make in public education and in an economy that provides opportunity for all families. Senator Kirt currently serves as a Co-Chair for the Mental Health Caucus. Her committee work is largely focused on the state’s finances and the rules by which our government operates, which allows her to work for an Oklahoma built on fairness, where each person and community has what they need to thrive.

Representative Melissa Provenzano is a lifelong Tulsa area native, married mom to two and stepmom to two. Elected in 2018 to represent District 79 in Tulsa, she worked as a public school teacher and principal who grew exasperated with cutting her budget every single year until she decided to run. As a legislator, Melissa continues to bring this same commitment and voice, focusing on  common sense education policy and for the needs of families of Tulsa at the state capitol. She currently services as the Assistant Minority Leader for the Democratic Caucus, State Director for Women In Government (National), and co-chair of the Mental Health Caucus.  She was recently named one of Journal Record's 50 Women Making a Difference and is most proud of her work increasing access to diagnostic mammograms, student loan transparency, getting rid of the state grocery tax and separating occupational licensure renewals from tax status.

Show Notes

About VEST

VEST is an investment fund and peer network for women. We invest in women-led companies providing solutions for the intersection of the care economy and future of work. We also connect and provide executive coaching to women professionals across industries, regions and career levels so that together we can build the future of more inclusive workspaces. Learn more at

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