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Women's Health with Jacqueline Blocker

In this episode we discuss all things women's health with Jacqueline Blocker, the Data & Policy Director at Metriarch an Oklahoma women’s public health think tank that aims to normalize and broaden women’s health conversations through data storytelling, policy evaluation, and interactive outreach events.

We discussed everything from the social determinants impacting women's health to the role providers, employers and individuals play in advocating for women’s health and wellbeing.

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About Jacqueline Blocker

Jacqueline is the Director of Data and Policy at Metriarch, a women's health think tank normalizing and broadening the conversation around women's health. Jacqueline is an Oklahoma native, directs the collection, analysis, dissemination and utilization of health data from national, state and local levels to create and implement policy change and public awareness. Jacqueline is a thought leader whose focus and passion is educating and engaging the community at large, and teaching others how to effectively use data and resources to build capacity for effective and impactful change. Jacqueline joined the TCI team to deepen the expansion of the statewide women’s public health think tank, Metriarch. Jacqueline graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in Organizational Sociology/Economics and went on to obtain her Juris Doctorate from University of Missouri where her studies focused on Legislative and Environmental Law. Before diving into nonprofit work, Jacqueline practiced corporate defense where her areas of practice focused on Corporate Governance, Environmental and Franchise Law working mostly with big oil.. Connect with Jacqueline on Linkedin

Show Notes:

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