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VEST Talks: Meet the Team

A podcast episode about the team at VEST Her Inc. and VEST Her Ventures
VEST Her Podcast: VEST Talks about the Team and their Why

We're doing things a little different. In this episode, get to know the team behind VEST for our latest podcast installment of VEST Talks.

Get to know Erika Lucas, VEST Founding Member, Gaby Eichenlaub, Operations, Sarah Soetarjo, Member Relations and Kourtney Leigh, Entrepreneur-in-Residence. We dive deeper into the mission and vision of VEST, our individual perspectives on the barriers women face in the workplace and share practical tips and strategies for navigating workplace challenges. Each month, we'll still have in-depth interviews with experts and thought leaders discussing various barriers women face in the workplace, but now, in between those interviews, you'll start seeing weekly segments where we will dive deeper into the month's topic, address real-world issues, and share inspiring stories and actionable takeaways.

We can't wait to hear from you! Your stories and questions will play a vital role in shaping our discussions.

Available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast.

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