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VEST Her Podcast: The Future of Remote and Flexible Work

A podcast episode about the future of flexible workspaces.
VEST Her Podcast Episode

Remote-work has dwindled over the past few years as employers issue return-to-office mandates. But will that continue in 2024?

In this episode VEST Member Jess Kyle, Data Engineer Manager at Underdog Sports, a fully remote company with more than 350 distributed employees, talks to Lynn Greenberg, Founder of Pivt, a platform helping employers reduce turnover and enhance the social well-being of relocated, mobile, and remote workers and their families.

During the conversation, we covered:

00:00:03 Remote Work Trends and Employee Satisfaction

00:19:21 Leveraging Technology for Remote Productivity

00:24:39 Addressing Employee Well-Being and Burnout

00:34:50 Improving Work-Life Balance Through Company Culture

00:40:20 Shift in Purpose of on-Site Retreats

00:49:16 Remote Work and Gender Disparities

00:55:44 Work Alignment and Personal Boundaries

Pivt is a VEST Her Ventures Portfolio Company.

Available on Apple and Spotify.

This episode is brought to you by VEST Her Ventures, our Venture Capital Arm investing in women-led companies building solutions for the intersection of the Care Economy and Future of work. Also by VEST Peer Group, a network of women professionals across industries, regions and career levels, helping each other navigate careers and working together to build the future of more inclusive workspaces.

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About Guest Speakers

Lynn Greenberg is the founder and CEO of Pivt, a cutting-edge platform focused on reducing turnover and enhancing the social well-being of relocated, mobile, remote employees and their families. Recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022 and Forbes Next 1000 in 2021, Lynn is also actively involved on the Board of Trustees at her alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College. Before launching Pivt, Lynn gained valuable experience at Bloomberg LP in London and Autonomy Ventures, where she excelled in securing startup deal-flow, managing teams, and driving value creation for portfolio companies. A dedicated mentor and advisor, Lynn contributes her expertise to Women in Business at Yeshiva University, Astia Angels, and London & Partners. Lynn's influence extends to various speaking engagements, including SXSW, Harvard University, NYU Stern Business School, Columbia University Business School, NY Venture Summit, Brandeis University, and the University of Oxford. She has been featured in reputable publications such as Forbes, The London Evening Standard, and Digital Trends. Lynn also shares her insights through contributions to Thrive Global, ERC Worldwide Mobility Magazine, Startup Magazine, and the Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

Jess Kyle is a VEST Member and currently leads the Data Engineering team at Underdog Sports, where she is known for her expertise in data engineering, architecture, and analytics. Beyond her technical skills, she's passionate about fostering a culture of compassion, courage, and transparency at work. Jess leads by example as a manager, as well as through initiatives like Level Up, a personal and professional development group she founded at Underdog. Level Up promotes continuous self-reflection and growth, encouraging employees to build leadership and communication skills as the leaders of their own lives. In her personal time, Jess enjoys taking long walks, spending time with her husband and two children, and creating elaborate charcuterie and snack spreads for friends. Her commitment to both her family and her team at Underdog Sports showcases her ability to lead with empathy, making her a respected figure in both spheres.

Show Notes

About VEST

VEST is an investment fund and peer network for women. We invest in women-led companies providing solutions that enable employers to build more inclusive workspaces and support women's labor force participation. We also connect and provide executive coaching to women professionals across industries, regions and career levels so that together we can build the future of inclusive workspaces. Learn more at

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