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Reimagining the Non-Profit Space

The non-profit sector is going through a transition involving generational change, a national labor shortage, and a demand for systemic change by leaders with different lived experiences. In our latest podcast episode VEST Members share learnings and advocate for better ways to advance missions and support leaders in the non-profit space.

Special thanks to VEST Members:

Carol Herrick, Executive Director at OKC Dodgers Foundation, Vanessa Morrison, CEO at Open Design Collective, Ahniwake Rose, Policy Director at the National Indian Health Board, and Shannon Cooper, Director, Philanthropic Services at BWF, for leading this conversation. Full bios can be found below.

Available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast.

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About Carol Herrick

Carol Herrick is the Executive Director at OKC Dodgers Baseball Foundation, formed in 2015 as a not-for-profit corporation, with a mission to support the Oklahoma community through creative partnerships, charitable contributions and programming initiatives. Prior to this role, Carol was Executive Director of the Lawton/Fort Sill Armed Services YMCA. Connect with Carol on LinkedIn

About Vanessa Morrison

Vanessa Morrison is the CEO at Open Design Collective, a non-profit organization that brings together underrepresented communities and the design and city planning resources necessary to promote social and spatial change. Vanessa is also Associate Director of the OU Institute for Quality Communities. Prior to these roles, Vanessa was Director of Client Services at Palomar, Oklahoma City's Family Justice Center. Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn

About Ahniwake Rose

Ahniwake Rose is a Founding Member of VEST, and Policy Director, Public Health Policy and Programs at National Indian Health Board, a non-profit organization, providing a variety of services to tribes, Area Health Boards, Tribal organizations, federal agencies, and private foundations. Prior to this role, Ahniwake was Executive Director at the Oklahoma Policy Institute.

About Shannon Cooper

Shannon Cooper is the Director, Philanthropic Services at BWF, a company providing consulting and services across all philanthropic sectors. Prior to this role, Shannon was Director of Research and Insights at the American Red Cross. Connect with Shannon on Linkedin

Show Notes:

The Loom, an organization weaving a community of care and belonging so that we can be generous together.

Community Centric Fundraising, a fundraising model that is grounded in equity and social justice.

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