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Collaboration Fatigue, Productivity, and Boundaries with Peggy Simmons.

Our September Coaching Session focused on the Collaboration Fatigue most leaders and employees are experiencing. To lead this coaching session we asked VEST Member Paula Kuykendall, former C-Suite at Hilton Worldwide to moderate a conversation with Peggy Simmons, President and COO of Public Service Company of Oklahoma about how we can set healthy boundaries to stay productive.

Here are our top takeaways from the session:

On Direction, Alignment and Commitment. Peggy talked about being intentional and aligning her work with her value system. She applies this to how she shows up and how she prioritizes the things she says yes and no to.  Every activity and commitment she engages in has to align with the things she values the most.

  • How are you showing up and being intentional with your time?

On Accountability. Peggy blocks time on her calendar every Friday for creative thinking. Everyone knows and respects this is a sacred time for Peggy to think creatively and strategically about the direction of the company. Peggy also practices writing down her priorities on a journal so she can review progress on a weekly basis. 

  • How are you keeping yourself accountable?

On Fulfillment. When balancing work and service, Peggy suggest we get clear on what has to get done first. This will help prioritize our time. Then we can engage and lend our knowledge in things we are passionate about. She encouraged us to choose things that refuel our tank so it doesn't feel like we are just adding more tasks to our to-do list. 

  • Make a list of all your volunteer opportunities.

  • Which ones feel like a task, which ones re-energize you?

On Career Mobility. Peggy believes there is no magic formula to get the C-Suite, for her it's been all about the intersection of opportunity and preparation. Peggy also shared that a common misconception people have of being in the C-suite is that the higher up you move, the more control you have. It's quite the opposite she said. While you may have more influence on what needs to be prioritized and how resources should be allocated, you'll also have more people to answer to, shareholders, investors, customers, employees and of course, family. 


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