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Bully Market with Jamie Fiore Higgins

In our latest podcast episode we talk to Jamie Fiore Higgins, former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Author of Bully Market, about her experience of discrimination and misogyny working for one of the largest banks in the world. We also talk about the importance of having our own identity, not tied to any job, person, or organization.

Special thanks to VEST Member Heather Lawrence for moderating the session. Bios and show notes can be found below.

Available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast.

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About Jamie Fiore Higgins

Jamie Fiore Higgins worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs. One of just 8 percent of Goldman employees to earn the managing director title, she was the highest-ranking woman in her department. An active member of the Women’s Network Committee, Fiore Higgins spent her workdays running the trainee and internship programs, recruiting, and managing top equity clients and $96 billion in stock. Living in New Jersey with her husband and four children, she is a trained coach, working with teens to hone their leadership skills, high school, and college graduates as they begin careers, professionals as they navigate the workforce, and those in midlife looking to reinvent themselves. Jamie was named one of the Financial Times “Top 25 Most Influential Women of 2022!”

About Heather Lawrence

Heather Lawrence is a SVP of Commercial Lending for Arvest Bank. She’s spent most of her 20-year career in commercial lending for firms such as Merrill Lynch, GE Capital, BMO Harris, and JPMorgan Chase. She has a B.S. and MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC. She grew up in in Southern California in Laguna Beach and moved to Oklahoma during the pandemic in 2020. In addition to VEST she is an active member of Rotary Club 29 and United Way. She lives in Edmond with her husband Shawn and their 2 daughters, ages 8 and 5. She enjoys being outdoors with her family and helping her older daughter with her keychain business on Etsy.

Show Notes:

The Bully Market by Jamie Fiore Higgins - A “riveting and powerful” insider’s account on Wall Street where greed coupled with misogyny and discrimination enforces a culture of exclusion in the upper echelons of Goldman Sachs. Click on this link and get a 30 Day Free Trial to Audible plus a free credit to use on Jamie’s Book!

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