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  • What is VEST?
    VEST is a private network of women across industries, regions and career levels learning with and from each other while working together to expedite the pipeline of more women in positions of power and influence. We make it easy to gain proximity to other influential women so you can grow your network, be top of mind for opportunities, and learn from the experiences of other women. We provide monthly coaching and breakout sessions to discuss different issues affecting women in the workplace. Our extended network use us as a talent bank and trusted pipeline to fill career opportunities, board appointments, investment and public speaking opportunities. Meet our Founding Members
  • How does the membership work?
    VEST curates some of the top executive and professional thought leaders from across the country and hosts exclusive monthly events for member-only. Monthly discussions are designed by women for women and they focus on the issues precluding us from reaching positions of power and influence. We also host monthly breakout sessions for more intimate discussions.
  • Is VEST right for me?
    No one needs a professional peer group. If you are happy where you are in your career and life, then you are one of the lucky ones. We are best suited for members who sense they are so much more than what's currently reflected and can benefit from having a group of peers to learn with and from. –– Here are five things you should consider before joining: The right peer group can be the difference between incremental and exponential growth. Most women don't have easy access to a vetted group of success-oriented individuals who are all looking to learn and grow from each other. Participating in the right peer environments can be the difference between slow incremental growth and the kind of exponential growth that changes our members entire outlook on what's truly possible in their life and career. Like anything in life, what you get out of VEST depends largely on what you put into it. We provide a lot of resources, coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and more, but ultimately is up to you to show up with an open mind and an eagerness to learn and grow personally and professionally. Just one breakthrough can make all the difference. Often times we only need a single shift in our own thinking to make joining VEST worth the investment of time and financial resources. At VEST, women have access to a diverse group of incredibly successful women who all work in different industries and wouldn't normally associate with. When we discuss a particular problem (personally or professionally), VEST members can draw on other member’s decades of experience, which can help us shift our perspective and save us hours obsessing over a problem that one of our peers has already solved. Fulfillment. Success doesn’t matter if we haven't mastered the art of fulfillment. Most of our C-Suites and VPs are looking to learn from others but also contribute and pay it forward. They are here to be exposed to new ideas and concepts but also to think of ways to increase their output, all while enjoying the company of other women and mentoring forward. Remote and Flexible. If you are looking for traditional networking options (in-person, restricted to location, etc.), we may not be right for you. We have members from across the country and we understand, now more than ever, women need flexibility. We intentionally designed our services to be remote, flexible, and accessible from anywhere. All of our sessions are handled virtually. Through our app you can also watch previous sessions. From time to time we host in-person events in the markets where we have concentration: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Houston, NW Arkansas, D.C. and Connecticut.
  • What is the benefit for employers?
    VEST Membership is far more cost effective than the traditional $25,000 for a 6-month engagement with an executive coach, or upwards of $7,000 for a three-day conference plus travel fees. Harvard Business Review placed the median Executive Coach cost at $500/hour with a range of $200-3500 per hour. Most coaches expect you to book a minimum set of hours for an established period of time. What makes VEST different is we are providing top tier coaching in an affordable and collaborative manner. Members are sharing sessions with other members while expanding their network and learning from the experiences of other women.
  • What are the membership fees?
    There is a one-time $2,500 joining fee. Most of our members have their employer cover the one-time joining fee. Here is a template letter you can use to ask your employer to cover the one-time joining fee. After paying the joining fee, members can renew their annual membership for only $250.00.
  • Is VEST location based?
    No. We understand now more than ever women need flexibility. We intentionally designed our services to be remote, flexible and accessible. All of our coaching sessions are handled virtually. From time to time we host in-person events sponsored by our partner organizations in the markets where we have member concentration. Our VEST Her app enables members to look up, connect and chat with one another, RSVP and keep track of upcoming events.
  • How do members engage?
    We provide plenty of opportunities, forums and tools for members to get to know each other and network in a way that suits their needs and crazy schedules.
  • How do you invest?
    We invest in women-led companies developing solutions for the Care Economy and Future of Work. To learn more visit the FAQ in our VEST Her Ventures page.
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