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Chase Your Values, Not A Title

This month's Coach, Claudia San Pedro, President of SONIC Corp, talked to VEST Members about her journey to the C-suite and shared a lot of valuable tips. Here are our favorites:

Your Career Doesn't Have to be Scripted.

Claudia didn't have a traditional career trajectory. She went from a stable home environment and wanting to be a teacher, to figuring out how to support her family in times of uncertainty and learning how to use her values to guide her career journey.

  • What has your journey been like?

  • How many times have you changed course? What led those changes?

Chase Your Values, Not a Title. After having the same title for multiple years, Claudia was given the advice that she must shift companies in order to get the C-suite title. While this technique may work in some cases, it's not for everyone. Claudia encouraged us to know what it is that we want and why we want it. In this scenario, Claudia used her value system (continuous learning and contribution) to guide her decision making as opposed to someone else's expectations of how to go about it.

  • Have you ever made a decision based on other's people expectations? How did it make you feel?

Enough with the Perfection Bar. When asked why despite representing half of the U.S. population, labor force and businesses in the U.S., there are not more women in positions of power, Claudia responded with three things:

  1. Women have not been supported enough in terms of career growth trajectory;

  2. It is a sacrifice, and as a community, we've not provided enough opportunities for women to share the hardships and tradeoffs, as a result;

  3. We've set false expectations for women, on what it means to be successful.

Get Close to the Money. While working in the State Senate, Claudia developed a love for understanding where the money comes from, how it's being used and how it can make a difference in people's life. This carried on in her career as she continues to assess how to best leverage resources to increase efficiency and generate meaningful outcomes.

We of course loved this tip!

  • How close are you to your personal and organization finances?

  • How well do you know how resources are used and why?

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