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Burnout, Boundaries and Necessary Endings

Women account for almost all of the job losses since the Covid-19 pandemic started and are nearly twice as likely as men to lose their jobs, post-pandemic. Women of color experience even higher rates of unemployment and discrimination. In a recent study, Newsweek reported how the pandemic could cost a typical woman in America, $600,000 in lifetime income.

To make things worse, according to Mckinsey, more than half of women who remain in the workplace are experiencing burnout. One in four women are considering downshifting their career or dropping out of the workforce entirely. For working mothers, particularly those with young children, the number is one in three.

So what do we do about it?

As public leaders and CEOs take a closer look at policy and infrastructure needs to better support women in the workplace, we reached out to executive coach Jenne Fromm to help us now! How can we self-assess burnout? What questions should we be asking and what can we do to get back to being the best version of ourselves.

This session was recorded in May as part of a more intimate coaching session with VEST Members and has been repurposed to accommodate this episode.

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