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VEST Her Podcast: Achieving Goals through Discipline and Accountability Systems

A podcast episode for women about goal setting and accountability systems
VEST Her Podcast Episode: Achieving Goals through discipline and accountability systems

In this episode Accountability Coach and Author of "Why Not You," Amanda McKinney shares tips, tools and resources with VEST Members on how to achieve goals through discipline and accountability systems. We also talk about the struggle we all grapple with: self-doubt, fear of failure, and decision fatigue. We share strategies to overcome these barriers and discuss how honesty about our fears and seeking support from trusted individuals can be game-changers.We delve into how tracking progress and finding support networks can supercharge your success.

We unpack the science behind accountability and its effectiveness, and discuss various levels of accountability - from using technology as a tool for repeatable actions, to investing in a coach or program. Amanda also shares how to set and track goals effectively, and provides a comprehensive guide to managing your time and boosting productivity.

0:03 Achieving Goals Through Accountability Systems

9:40 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Fear of Failure

16:31 The Importance of Accountability and Support

23:43 Levels of Accountability

34:46 Setting Goals and Tracking Metrics

43:07 Themed Days for Optimized Productivity

52:09 Recommendation for Book Writing Program

Available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast.

The art of setting goals and the role of accountability and self-care in this process was explored in a recent podcast episode with accomplished author and speaker, Amanda McKinney. The focus was not just on setting goals, but also on the struggles we all face – self-doubt, fear of failure, and decision fatigue.

Accountability is a powerful tool when it comes to achieving goals. This episode explored the science behind accountability and its effectiveness. Different levels of accountability were discussed, from using technology as a tool for repeatable actions to investing in a coach or program. Weekly check-ins were highlighted as the most impactful form of accountability, demonstrating the significance of regular self-reflection and evaluation in the goal-setting process.

The importance of setting realistic goals that truly resonate with one's values and priorities was emphasized. Prioritizing self-care and joy in goal setting is a game-changer, steering us towards success and fulfillment. We must also be honest about our fears and seek support from trusted individuals, acknowledging that vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength.

Self-care is an essential component of boosting productivity. Intentional rest, delegation of tasks, and seeking outside perspectives were identified as beneficial strategies. The idea of 'themed days' was introduced, dedicating each day to a specific type of work, a practical tip for managing time and increasing productivity.

An interesting touchpoint in the episode was the recommendation of the Manuscripts program for book writing. The program aids in the transition from merely having an idea to publishing a book within a year. This demonstrates how investing in appropriate tools and programs can significantly streamline the journey towards achieving our goals.

In conclusion, this episode shed light on the transformational power of strategic accountability, self-care, and joy-centered goal setting. It offered practical tools and strategies to overcome barriers and supercharge the journey towards success and fulfillment. The takeaway is clear: accountability, self-care, and honesty are crucial ingredients in the recipe for successful goal-setting.

About Amanda Mckinney

Amanda is an Accountability Coach, Podcast Host (The Unapologetic Entrepreneur), and Best Selling Author (Why Not You? An Accidental Entrepreneur’s Guide To Success) on a mission to help passionate accidental entrepreneurs make progress towards creating a profitable and productive business that they’re proud of. Amanda is also a recognized thought leader and coach on Accidental Entrepreneurship & Accountability, author of Amazon Best Seller, Why Not You? An Accidental Entrepreneur’s Guide To Success and host of The Unapologetic Entrepreneur Podcast. She has personally helped hundreds of passionate, yet doubtful, entrepreneurs from around the globe step through self-doubt and create the business that integrates into their life instead of taking it over. She is the founder of a self-built, profitable and debt-free business and it’s through this experience along with her  Masters degree from the University of Florida and past corporate experience that she is widely regarded by passionate female entrepreneurs. As an accountability coach she helps entrepreneurs navigate self-doubt and life’s twists and turns so they can continue to make continued progress towards their business goals.

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