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Building Resiliency and Overcoming Bias with Sevetri Wilson

Sevetri Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Resilia, a technology company enabling nonprofits to increase capacity. She is also the Author of Resilient: How to overcome anything and build a million dollar business with or without capital. Prior to founding Resilia, at age 22, Sevetri bootstrapped her first company, Solid Ground Innovations, to seven figures without raising any outside funding. Since launching Resilia, Sevetri has raised more than $11M, making her one of only 50 Black women in the U.S. to have raised more than $10M in venture funding.

Sevetri has been named a Rising Star on the Forbes Cloud 100 List and her company Resilia was named as one of Venture Beat’s top startups to watch out for in 2019. Sevetri is also a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Public Service, the Jefferson Award.

Join us as we talk to Sevetri about how we can build resiliency and overcome bias to build a profitable and meaningful companies.

This recording was part of a more intimate coaching session with VEST Members and has been repurposed to accommodate this episode.

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