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Bridging the Cultural Divide Among Women

VEST August Coach was Farai Chideya, a prolific author and journalist whose work has been featured in CNN, Newsweek, NPR and more. She is also the host of her own Podcast, Our Body Politic. Farai talked to us about bridging the culture divide and competitive landscape among women so that together we can build power collectively.

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Here are our top takeaways from the session:

In order to build a more equitable women's power, we have to all play our positions. Farai challenged us to recognize not everyone experiences the workplace the same way we do and encouraged us to find ourselves in our colleagues stories.

  • How are you treated in the workplace?

  • Have you noticed any differences between how colleagues are treated?

  • What is your position in the team and how are you using it?

Embrace uncomfortable conversations. Farai urged us to lean into uncomfortable conversations with one another if we truly want to bridge the cultural and competitive divide among women. We cannot possibly find ourselves in someone else's shoes unless we are engaged in meaningful conversation, especially when it makes us uncomfortable.

  • Are these conversations taking place in your workplace? Why, why not?

Don't underestimate your ability to meet the moment, instead find leverage. Farai shared one of her biggest career learnings has been accepting that the path is not linear and that past performance does not predicate future success. Now Farai embraces challenges with a different mindset and by asking herself, what mentors, coaches and networks do I need to play in this league?

  • Who are you leaning to level up your game?

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