Centering women in recovery efforts would grow global GDP by an estimated $13 trillion by 2030.


The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted the economic livelihoods of women. As a result, more women are unemployed today than at any time since the pandemic began.


of women work in industries most disrupted by Covid-19




of men


Promote women’s economic empowerment and invest in women’s leadership development.

Benchmark | Career Mobility | Investment

Benchmark: Research recovery programs around the country supporting women so we can develop more effective policies, align resources, and measure impact.

Career Mobility: Provide access to leadership development programs for women and work with corporate partners to develop solutions that support and provide career mobility to women in the workplace. 

Investment: Ensure that recovery relief money goes directly into the hands of women, invest in the care economy and reduce the burden of unpaid care work to strengthen women's labor force participation.

why now?

The disproportionate effects of the pandemic will result in women losing decade’s worth of economic advancement if we don't intervene.

We must work together to steady the ladder stabilizing women's ascent and to repair the broken rungs on the ladder complicating the climb to executive positions.

Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa and VEST Founding Member

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