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Building power

Investment Fund and

Peer Network for women.

We invest in women-led companies providing solutions that enable employers to build more inclusive workspaces and support women's labor force participation.


We also connect women professionals across industries, regions and career levels so that together we can build support networks and the future of inclusive workspaces.


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Think about all the progress we've made, it started with community.

It was done by a group of individuals coming together with an idea of

how to improve, challenge and create more opportunities for others.

Claudia San Pedro, President of Sonic

and VEST Founding Member



Women represent 50% of the U.S. labor force, yet...


report being burned out and are considering downsizing their role or quitting.


question whether their employer understands their needs as an employee.


are in occupations susceptible to automation and generative AI.


Participating in the right peer environments can be the difference between slow incremental growth and the kind of growth that changes our entire outlook on what's truly possible in our life and career. Yet most women don't have access to a vetted group of success-oriented individuals looking to learn and grow from each other.

That's why we connect women professionals in a flexible environment, provide monthly peer coaching sessions, and partner with employers to address the barriers holding women back in the workplace. 

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Caregiving responsibilities are the number two reason (second only to retirement), that people, mostly women, leave the workforce. This negatively impacts our nation’s workforce availability as well as women’s lifetime earnings. Making this not a women’s issue, but an economic one.

That's why we invest in women-led companies enabling employers to build more inclusive workspaces and support women's labor force participation through the care economy. 

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Women need to be part of cultivating the next generation of leaders. VEST connects, develops and elevates women. I'm proud to be part of it.

Marie Rocha, Managing Director Realist Ventures

and VEST Founding Member

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