If you’re interested in asking for your employer to cover your VEST Membership​ through a  professional development budget, we made a sample letter to a manager for you.


Just delete these italics, fill in your info in the brackets, and send! 



[ Insert date]



Dear [Insert manager’s name], 


I am reaching out to discuss growing my professional skills through ​coaching at VEST.​ 


VEST is a private network and coaching platform designed to help women develop the skills needed to advance our career. 


VEST curates and brings together some of the top executive and professional coaches from across the country. In addition to being part of an incredible network of influential women to support my career journey, I’ll also gain access to monthly professional, executive and personal wellbeing coaching sessions. 


VEST operates on an annual membership basis — $5,400 for C-suite level, $4,050 for VP and $2,500 for Emerging Leaders. The vast majority of members are sponsored by their company given that a VEST Membership is far more cost effective than the traditional $25,000 for a 6-month engagement with an executive coach, or upwards of $7,000 for a three-day conference plus travel fees. 


What makes VEST even more special is that in addition to the coaching, I’ll get to meet women from across industries, sectors and career levels. Which not only benefits me but the organization as we expand our reach and networks. 


I’ve applied and been accepted to join VEST and I’m hoping the membership fee can be covered as an investment in my  growth at [company name]. 


I appreciate your time in reviewing this request. Please let me know if you have any  questions. I’m looking forward to discussing it further.  


Thank you, 

[Insert your name]