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Happy Birthday to Us!

It's hard to believe it's been a year since we launched VEST, a private network of women building power collectively.

For decades, male counterparts have leveraged private networks to secure jobs, promotions, investment and appointments to positions of power. Meanwhile, women continue to work two to three times as hard just to get noticed for opportunities in workplaces full of micro-aggressions. All for less pay.

Well, not anymore. Since VEST launch, members have been building power collectively keeping each other top of mind for opportunities, learning with and from each other. Here is a recap of what we've been able to achieve together in just 12 months:

Coaching sessions:

Gender Bias in the Workplace and Campaign Trail with Former Congresswoman Kendra Horn
Speak Even When Your Voice Shakes with Jill Wesley, Founder of Science and Soul of Speaking
Everything is Negotiable with Dr. Meyers Morgan, Author of Everything is Negotiable
Leading x Two with Dan Mulhern, Founder of Leading by 2
Fix Workplaces, Not Women with Michelle King, Former DEI Director at Netflix and Author of The Fix
Adaptability and Transitioning Above the Fray with Angie Cooper, Chief Program Officer at Heartland Forward
More Women Investors Please with Tania Smith and Erika Lucas
Burn Out and Necessary Endings with Jenne Fromm, Founder of Awesome Climbs
How to Overcome Anything and Build a Million Dollar Business with Sevetri Wilson, Founder of Resilia
A Latina at the Table with Claudia San Pedro, President of Sonic Corp
Bridging the Cultural Divide Among Women with Farai Chideya, Podcast Host and Multimedia Journalist
Collaboration Overload with Peggy Simmons, COO at Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO)

Breakout sessions:

Returning to Work After Parental Leave
VEST 2021 Two Goals, One Habit Challenge
Supporting Women in the Workplace with Stephanie LeBlanc Godfrey, Global Head of Inclusion at Google
Women on Private Boards with Beverly Carmichael and Jennifer Lickteig, President of TBS Capital
Linkedin Profile Audit
Public Boards and Commissions
Oklahoma City's In-person Event in The Study
Tulsa's In-Person Event at Mother Road Market

We are having critical conversations most organizations are afraid to have about how to fix workplaces and systems so women can advance in the workplace, reach positions of power and stay in those positions.

Member Editorials:

Economy Could Jump by $13 Trillion Dollars If We Focus Recovery Efforts on Women, Ahniwake Rose
Fix the Workplace, Not Women, Erika Lucas
Hispanic Heritage Month is a Great Time to Celebrate Latinos, But it Shouldn't Stop There, Miriam Campos
Vulnerability Makes Stronger Leaders, Elizabeth Frame Ellison

We launched the VEST Her Podcast featuring past coaching sessions and conversations with members building power collectively in order to reach women who can't join because their employer can't cover membership fees.

We've connected with more than 50 influential members, built opportunities for one another, and shared more than 50 weekly newsletters with tips, tools and tactics to play at the next level.

And we are only 1% done.

Let's keep building power collectively.


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