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A Latina at the Table

Claudia San Pedro is the first woman and first Latina to serve as President of SONIC Drive-In, one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the U.S. She was recently recognized as HERoes Women Executive Role Model, and LATINA Executive of the Year by LATINA Style.

Prior to SONIC, Claudia was appointed by Gov. Brad Henry, as the first female and first Hispanic to serve as director of state finance for the state of Oklahoma. It was in this role that she developed a love for understanding where the money comes from, how it's being used to make a difference in people's lives.

Though Claudia has been the first of many to do things throughout her career, she is making sure she is not the last. As Founding Member of VEST, she now uses her influence to help other women achieve career and economic mobility.

Join us as we talk to her about her career journey and lessons she had to learn and unlearn along the way.

This recording was part of a more intimate coaching session with VEST Members and has been repurposed to accommodate this episode.

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