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Congratulations, your application to join VEST has been approved. Here is a quick overview of all the benefits and what you can expect by becoming a VEST Member.


VEST is a private network of professional women across industries, regions and career levels learning from and with each other while working together to expedite the pipeline of more women in positions of power. 



VEST Members have access to exclusive monthly sessions with nationally recognized leaders, opportunity boards, carefully curated content delivered weekly and more.  Previous speakers include Michelle King, Former Chief of Inclusion at Netflix, Stephanie LeBlanc, Head of Inclusion at Google, Christina Cassotis, CEO of Pittsburgh International Airport and Esther Aguilera, CEO of the Latino Corporate Directors Association.


Through the VEST App, members keep up with sessions and connect with other members in a remote and flexible environment. This enables Members to be top of mind for business and career opportunities. Members have invested and done business deals together. Promoted and hired one another. Appointed each other to boards, and more.



To get a glimpse of what VEST Sessions are like, check out the VEST Her Podcast where we explore the invisible barriers holding women back in the workplace and share stories of women building power collectively.

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No. We have members from across the country and we understand, now more than ever, women need flexibility. We intentionally designed our services to be remote, flexible, and accessible from anywhere. All of our sessions are handled virtually. Through our app you can also watch previous sessions. From time to time we host in-person events in the markets where we have concentration. 


No one "needs" a professional peer group. If you are happy where you are in your career and life, then you are one of the lucky ones. We are best suited for members who sense they are so much more than what's currently reflected and can benefit from having a group of peers to learn with and from. Here are four things you should consider before joining:


1. The right peer group can be the difference between incremental and exponential growth. Most women don't have easy access to a vetted group of success-oriented individuals who are all looking to learn and grow from each other. Participating in the right peer environments can be the difference between slow incremental growth and the kind of growth that changes our members entire outlook on what's truly possible in their life and career.

2. Like anything in life, what you get out of VEST depends largely on what you put into it. We provide a lot of resources, coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and more, but ultimately is up to you to show up with an open mind and an eagerness to learn and grow personally and professionally.

3. Just one breakthrough can make all the difference. Often times we only need a single shift in our thinking to make joining VEST worth the investment of time and financial resources. At VEST, women have access to a diverse group of incredibly successful women who all work in different industries and wouldn't normally associate with. When we discuss a particular problem (personally or professionally), VEST members can draw on other member’s decades of experience, which can help us shift our perspective and save us hours obsessing over a problem that one of our peers has already solved.

4. Fulfillment. Success doesn’t matter if we haven't mastered the art of fulfillment. Most of our C-Suites and VPs are looking to learn from others but also contribute and pay it forward. They are here to be exposed to new ideas and concepts but also to think of ways to increase their output, all while enjoying the company of other women and mentoring forward. 


VEST one-time $2,500 joining fee, after that you can renew your membership for just $250. Most members have their employee cover the first year joining fee out of the organization's professional development budget. Here is a template letter you can use to ask your employer to help you cover the joining fee.



Login into VEST Member Dashboard and complete your onboarding. 

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Women need to be part of cultivating the next generation of leaders. VEST connects, develops and elevates women. I'm proud to be part of it.

Marie Rocha, Managing Director Realist Ventures and VEST Founding Member

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We must work together to steady the ladder stabilizing women's ascent and to repair the broken rungs on the ladder complicating the climb to executive positions.

Kathy Taylor, Former Mayor of Tulsa

and VEST Founding Member

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